Thursday, July 10, 2014


When recommending wine tours in Virginia, roughly 25 miles from Washington DC, Loudoun’s serene countryside with green farms, gentle rising hills and horses is an easy suggestion. A ride not too far away from the city, with the breathtaking view of landscapes and picturesque mountains, soothing drives can be your weekend getaway! VA winery tours are a common indulgence amongst nearby city dwellers looking for some time out from the crowd. With Loudoun gradually gaining stature as a “Wine Country”, it is becoming one of the favorite destinations on the Virginia Wine Tours list.
Va winery tours
With the availability of a number of Loudoun County Limousine service  wine tasting tours in Virginia can be easily accessible. Most of the limo service DC and Wine Tours Virginia offer a multitude of wine touring options. A luxurious stretch limousine wine tasting tour can be the safest and carefree way to unwind in the weekend bliss. Aside from the landscape, wineries and peaceful environment, one can also expect these places to be surrounded by historical inns and unique restaurants.
 A family outing or an event on a sunny afternoon, corporate events or an evening getaway with friends; there is always something that everybody can take pleasure in. Planning an evening out with your special someone can be effortlessly romantic in Virginia wine tours. With hundreds of wineries and a large selection of wines available for tasting, making a choice can be really confusing! If you are novice in the art of wine tasting, perhaps a guided wine tour could be more interesting. So why not hire an expert??? It could be worth your while to look for options online, whether it is for limousine services or wine tours in VA.Most of the wineries organize wine tasting events (seasonal), besides the regular visiting hours throughout the year. So get out there and sign up to get an experience of what the region has to offer!

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