Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Favorite past time in Virginia Wine tours

With the easy accessibility of a numerous Limousine services in Virginia, limo wine tours are getting more and more popular every day. When in Virginia wine tours can be one of the very interesting past times, whether you are with a group of friends or a small group of two. Wine tours mean more than just drinking wine. The route to wine trails in Virginia offer one of the most exquisite sceneries and promise a wonderful, relaxing drive especially if you are on a limo.
wine tours Virginia

Due to the popularity of limo wine tours, normally the Limousine service in Virginia offer different wine touring options. A relaxing in the wine country on a hassle-free limousine ride might be just what you need to unwind yourself during the weekend. Besides the country side scenery and landscape, wineries and peaceful environment, you can expect to see this places surrounded by historical inns and unique restaurants.

A family outing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, corporate events or a weekend getaway with friends; there is something that anyone could partake in. Virginia wine tours can be effortlessly romantic and fun.With the wineries scattered in hundreds and the availability of a large selection of wines for tasting, making a choice can be really confusing! You might also want to look out for seasonal wine tasting events.For anovice in the wine tasting, perhaps a guided wine tour could be more fulfilling if you are the risk-taking type. Hiring an expert sounds complicated??Well it’s not! Most limousine services can either refer a guide or have their own guided tour packages. It could be worth your while to look for options online for limousine service providers or wine tours in VA.

Planning VA winery tours

Virginia is now known as one of the top destinations for wine traveling. While on wine tours Virginia, wine tasting is the obvious activity one can indulge in. Besides wine tasting, there are other activities like horse riding, dining, sight-seeing can be enjoyed; depending on the location.
Limousine Service VA
There are a number of options when it comes to choosing a winery in Virginia. Even if you decide to winery hop it would not be possible to visit more than 2 to 3 wineries in a whole day. Especially when on a Virginia winery tour with a large group of people, moving becomes slower but undoubtedly more fun. When choosing a means of transportation for wine tours in VA or anywhere else, the first thing to be considered is the size of your group. For groups larger than ten people, even limo buses would be a great idea. Most of the limousine service VA area also provide limo buses for hire.
When being guided on a wine tour by limo service providers, you do not have to worry about managing your time. They plan and manage everything right from your pick up time to trip duration and drop off. If you have plans to visit more than one winery on a particular trip, the risk of over spending time on one particular place is close to zero. The service providers or the tour guides make sure that it does not happen.
Some wineries have restaurant services but some do not. Most of the wineries allow a picnic package; however, not inside the winery premises. Since there is bound to be a series of wine tasting, it would be wise to not drive and have someone chauffeuring you to your destination.
Planning wine tours in Virginia can be made simpler and enjoyable by hiring a tour guide who can even pick vineyards for you. Perhaps a limousine service in Virginia which specializes in VA winery tours could provide you the same facility. In fact, it ensures better services and comfort.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Alexandria Tour in VA with a Limousine Service

Although Alexandria is just a small city within Virginia, it has its share of amazing places to be explored. With its historic places and antique restaurants, the place has more than enough to charm a traveler. You might be a passing by traveler with limited time on your hands or on a short business travel with a little extra time on your hands stuck in the city. You might want to consider hiring a limo service Alexandria VA for a limo tour around the city.
Limo Service VA
Popular for its containment of American heritage and modern sophistication, one can indulge in a variety of outdoor activities whether you are on a short or a long period of time. Art galleries, museum, cruises, boutique shopping are only a few of the options available. There is more to be explored. Visual art is one of the other things Alexandria is famous for. Although, it is a small city and everything is pretty much in walking distance, a limousine service operating in Alexandria area with a chauffeur to guide you around the city would make things a whole lot more fun and exciting.
With its close proximity to Virginia, a VA winery tours could easily fit into your plan. Wine tours Virginia being one of the latest craze in town, it could be worth considering. There is always something exciting to do in the small but amazing city of Alexandria like whether you are a history fanatic, a buff for diverse cultural festivals or interested in outdoor recreation. Strolling down King Street where you could submerge yourself in the eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture of Old Town historic street. Sailing at Potomac Waterfront is something else one can get indulged in. Hiring a limousine service in Alexandria for a tour to Mount Vernon is something you would appreciate as well.
Booking a limousine service would ensure you full safety and a hassle free tour in Alexandria. For your ease the limousine service providers normally have very well trained, professional chauffeurs which is like having a tour guide for your short or long term travel. However, it is really important to try and search for a reliable, experienced and well reputed service provider. Then, you’re all set for a relaxing ride in the city. Happy travelling!

Party Bus service VA for a bridal shower

Guys get booze, strippers and more booze for their bachelor party. Women being women normally might choose to stick with something more subtle!For one last night before the big day, let us just say that you deserve to let your hair down! Let go. Partying out late night sounds fun but the trouble one might get into later if transportation is not pre-arranged is worth considering. With the wide availability of transportation service providers and limousine services VA, it shouldn't be so difficult. If one might prefer it, even hiring a Party bus service VA or a limo bus rental operating in and around VA sounds like a perfect idea. It gives you the option of not having to stay at one place; one could hop bars all night and party along the way too with zero risk!
Limo Service VA

However, partying is not the only activity possible for a great bridal shower. A tour to the cities close by probably with a limo bus service provider in VA can be a great idea too. Sure, one of you could drive or you could take a cab but let us admit it, it would not be as much fun now, would it?

Plus, would it not be annoying to have to stay sober enough to drive ON A BACHELORETTE NIGHT OUT?? Or if the vehicle you're stuck in a confined space like a small cab or a medium bus and everyone is a little drunk than you, you definitely could be miserable. The volume and excess energy and the state of drunken madness could ruin the night.

Considering this, a limo bus rental VA with a capacity of around 20 people sounds perfect for a large group. It would come down to an expense of around $125 to $155 per hour depending on the capacity of the bus. For a medium sized limousine service VA normally it would cost around $75 to $150. The prices could vary though depending on the type of itineraries you'd want on your tour amongst other things.

So ladies, for your bridal shower bash, get in touch with a party bus service provider in VA now! After all, why should men have all the fun!


While on a business tour in VA, the rush is only but expected. Everything needs to be on time and delays or setbacks usually are unaffordable. Most of us would choose to take flights instead of a road trip. Once you get off the flight in Dulles International Airport, the real ordeal begins. Dulles International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Washington metropolitan area. With nearly all of the international passenger traffic in the Washington-Baltimore region, trying to find a cab or any other transportation service in the airport premises can be unforgivably punishing.A simple solution would be to hire a limousine service VA from and to Dulles International Airport.Curious about the expenses? Of course you are!
Limousine Service VA
A ride with limo service VA area will run around $70 to $95 an hour but it could easily accommodate a group of five to eight people.  However, the costs of transportation services depend on the type of vehicle as well.  This means that if limo expenses are something that you or your company cannot or doesn't cover there are a lot of other options available like limo bus service VA or maybe luxury sedan town cars. A limo bus could accommodate up to 20 passengers and would cost around $ 85 to $ 185 an hour. Although, if you have a smaller group of say, 2 to 3 passengers, a sedan would be perfect at $55-$65 an hour.A limo bus ride cost would be around $85 to $185.The costs also vary depending on the type of limos in use and the amenities you desire.

Hiring a limo service VA is a great option for those who prefer a well- organized and well planned business trip; for individuals who cannot afford to lose time over something petty like transportation issues.With the added safety, comfort and open options for the type of service you desire, the cost could easily take a backseat for most of us. Now, the next time you are on a business trip in VA, maybe you should consider hiring a limo service, limo bus or sedans depending on the size of your group and budget!