Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prom Ride: Limo Services in Virginia

Last year during our high school senior years in Alexandria, while planning to attend our high school prom, we had a zillion things that we need to plan for.High school prom was the most important social event on our school calendar and nothing could go wrong! The most important thing on our checklist after our attire definitely had to be transportation! Everything had to be just perfect which is why we initially decided to hire a limo service Alexandria VA.
Limo bus rental VA
Among all the other things like,who you will be going with, means of transportation on how to arrive to the event and back home was the most vexing one. When it came to transportation, we had a budget to stick with. However, compromise was not an option. The occasion was so important that we had a committee formed to plan for the great event. The planning included everything right from choosing an event, attire, theme, and anything else that will make our high school prom a special occasion.
Upon searching online for days and taking references, we found a few affordable alternatives. Transportation services such as Limo bus service VA have a wide range of vehicles for hire and when in a large group, we realized limo bus service provider in Virginia was a great option. With a capacity of more than 12 people, we found just what we were looking for. It was stylish yet affordable, spacious and still classy. It was simply great for our large group of people attending the high school prom.
We were offered amazing party bus limos that seated 18 – 26 passengers. The most amazing part was contrary to our expectations, limo bus rental VA was amazingly affordable even for students. We finally decided to go for a larger limo bus that was more luxurious and could seat nearly 50 passengers!

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