Monday, November 3, 2014

Time Schedule on Virginia Wine Tours

Normally, Virginia wineries operate year-round which is why, rain or shine it is always a great day to embark on a wine tasting tour!  Lots of Limousine Services are available in Virginia to help. So, it not really an ordeal to get one booked for Virginia wine tours
Even though if you go with a limo service packaged tour, having a rough estimate about the schedule can make everything a little more organized for you. So, how much time shall you book for your Limo Service VA?
Well, averagely, a 4 hour wine tour will be enough to visit about 2 wineries. If an hour is added, a 5 hour wine tour should be apt for 2 to 3 winery visits and so on. However, the number of winery visits actually depends on different factors. The major factor being the means of transportation! Since you obviously wouldn’t drive while drinking, a transportation service needs to be hired or maybe you could have someone to drive who is a non-drinker. When everything is planned ahead, keeping in mind the distance from the starting point to the first winery and from the first winery to the next, a winery tour becomes more organized and on schedule. Also, even if you are on a packaged limo wine tour, you could like one winery more than the other and wind up spending more time in a particular place which could affect your time schedule. This eventually would change your estimated budget as limo services have packages based on time/hours spent. Gives you all the more reason to plan a schedule before you start!

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