Monday, August 11, 2014


While on a business tour in VA, the rush is only but expected. Everything needs to be on time and delays or setbacks usually are unaffordable. Most of us would choose to take flights instead of a road trip. Once you get off the flight in Dulles International Airport, the real ordeal begins. Dulles International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Washington metropolitan area. With nearly all of the international passenger traffic in the Washington-Baltimore region, trying to find a cab or any other transportation service in the airport premises can be unforgivably punishing.A simple solution would be to hire a limousine service VA from and to Dulles International Airport.Curious about the expenses? Of course you are!
Limousine Service VA
A ride with limo service VA area will run around $70 to $95 an hour but it could easily accommodate a group of five to eight people.  However, the costs of transportation services depend on the type of vehicle as well.  This means that if limo expenses are something that you or your company cannot or doesn't cover there are a lot of other options available like limo bus service VA or maybe luxury sedan town cars. A limo bus could accommodate up to 20 passengers and would cost around $ 85 to $ 185 an hour. Although, if you have a smaller group of say, 2 to 3 passengers, a sedan would be perfect at $55-$65 an hour.A limo bus ride cost would be around $85 to $185.The costs also vary depending on the type of limos in use and the amenities you desire.

Hiring a limo service VA is a great option for those who prefer a well- organized and well planned business trip; for individuals who cannot afford to lose time over something petty like transportation issues.With the added safety, comfort and open options for the type of service you desire, the cost could easily take a backseat for most of us. Now, the next time you are on a business trip in VA, maybe you should consider hiring a limo service, limo bus or sedans depending on the size of your group and budget!

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