Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Planning VA winery tours

Virginia is now known as one of the top destinations for wine traveling. While on wine tours Virginia, wine tasting is the obvious activity one can indulge in. Besides wine tasting, there are other activities like horse riding, dining, sight-seeing can be enjoyed; depending on the location.
Limousine Service VA
There are a number of options when it comes to choosing a winery in Virginia. Even if you decide to winery hop it would not be possible to visit more than 2 to 3 wineries in a whole day. Especially when on a Virginia winery tour with a large group of people, moving becomes slower but undoubtedly more fun. When choosing a means of transportation for wine tours in VA or anywhere else, the first thing to be considered is the size of your group. For groups larger than ten people, even limo buses would be a great idea. Most of the limousine service VA area also provide limo buses for hire.
When being guided on a wine tour by limo service providers, you do not have to worry about managing your time. They plan and manage everything right from your pick up time to trip duration and drop off. If you have plans to visit more than one winery on a particular trip, the risk of over spending time on one particular place is close to zero. The service providers or the tour guides make sure that it does not happen.
Some wineries have restaurant services but some do not. Most of the wineries allow a picnic package; however, not inside the winery premises. Since there is bound to be a series of wine tasting, it would be wise to not drive and have someone chauffeuring you to your destination.
Planning wine tours in Virginia can be made simpler and enjoyable by hiring a tour guide who can even pick vineyards for you. Perhaps a limousine service in Virginia which specializes in VA winery tours could provide you the same facility. In fact, it ensures better services and comfort.

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